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At Anneewakee Academy, we understand that children must be motivated to the extent of their abilities. We know that a stimulating, nourishing environment is the key to intellectual growth. We believe that real learning is fostered by reasoning and understanding. With these things in mind, we have adopted the philosophy that we must embrace the child’s ability to develop based on fulfilling the individual needs of that child.


Anneewakee Academy offers a unique early childhood program to children of all ages. From infants to preschoolers, your children will have the opportunity to grow and mature in knowledge as they are challenged through our curriculum-based program. Your children will come to understand language, art, science, math, history, music, and reading by choices that are developmentally appropriate for each individual child. Our program recognizes that the product is not nearly as vital as the process that brings a child to completion of a learning adventure. Through this theory your children are able to learn in a structured environment, yet are able to maintain their individuality. Every child learns differently and at a different pace, therefore a program based on the individual needs of each child is essential to a child’s development. Ultimately, we desire nothing but the best for your children as they grow in learning through our unique early childhood program.


Our center will be open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

We offer the following classes daily:

  • Infants (all day)
  • Toddlers (all day)
  • Two year olds (all day)
  • Three year olds (all day)
  • Young Pre-K 4 (all day)
  • Private Pre-K 4 (all day)
  • Elementary School aged children (before & after school care available as well as summer)
  • Lanieya-dance