About Us


At Anneewakee Academy our staff is committed to encouraging life values for each child, and to providing experiences that will prepare them for their tomorrow. The children will be exposed to a wonderful world of learning, which will promote individual growth in a safe and caring environment. Each child will be able to grow and mature in knowledge, in order to pave the way to a successful future.


The staff at Anneewakee Academy is made up of certified and experienced teachers. All teachers are CPR certified and trained in the field of early childhood education. Teachers are hired at Anneewakee Academy based on their education, experience, and love of children. All staff members undergo a criminal background check prior to hiring to ensure that your children are learning in the safest environment possible. Each staff member is required to conduct themselves ethically and follow guidelines set forth by the management at Anneewakee Academy. Our staff members are extremely dedicated to your children and strive to provide quality learning experiences that enhance your child’s develop. Our staff recognizes the different needs and learning styles of each child, and works hard to promote their individuality. Ultimately, the staff at Anneewakee Academy value your children and their needs, and take great lengths to ensure that your child receives a quality education, along with a large dose of love.


The facility for Anneewakee Academy is a 10,000 square foot building which accommodates 198 children. Curriculum based programs are offered to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years, including a private Pre-K program. Before and after school care, as well as summer programs, will be available. Teacher to child ratios is lower than state requirements to allow for the best possible learning environment. The building itself is beautifully structured, accented with brick, and appealing aesthetics. A top of the line security system is in place to ensure the safety of our children. Parents/guardians are required to enter a private security code to enter the building and then to check their child in and out daily. All other visitors to Anneewakee Academy are monitored and questioned before allowed into the building. All measures are taken to make sure your child’s safety is a priority. The front of the building is designed with a double-lane covered portico, which allows parents to drop of their children in a timely manner and avoid inclement weather. Separate entrances and exits allow the traffic to flow smoothly and allows a safe transition off and onto Chapel Hill Road.